• Shopdesign


    Pharmacy in Horn

    Photo: Paul Ott

  • Museum portal Niedersulz

    Museum portal Niedersulz

    Competition winning project. Awards: climate: klima:aktiv gold 965/1000 points, Timber Construction Award 2012. The museum portal acts as a transition from today to the past

    Photo: ah3 (Christoph Österreicher)

  • Halle Holztechnik Hauer

    Halle Holztechnik Hauer

    Timber Construction Award 2009 category utility construction

    Photo: ah3: Martin Wagensonner

  • ELLA Charching Station

    ELLA Charching Station

    A commercial building as corporate design - to find throughout Austria

    Photo: AH3: Christoph Österreicher

  • Accountant´s office St. Pölten

    Accountant´s office St. Pölten

    Winning project private competition. Modern and innovative office structure, a clearly structured layout

    Photo: Dieter Schewig: www.schewig-fotodesign.at