• First Austrian Passive House Kindergarten Ziersdorf

    First Austrian Passive House Kindergarten Ziersdorf

    Climate Award 2006, awarded by the Provincial Government, recognition in the context of the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability Ministry of Life 2006

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • Campus Leobendorf

    Campus Leobendorf

    Area size: 12,000m²: Learning and extracurricular educational institutions on over 4,100m² net floor area for about 400 people of all ages

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • On Campus are housed:

    On Campus are housed:

    A kindergarten with four groups, a primary school with ten classes, the school caretaker apartment, afterschool care, and adult education

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • and also:

    and also:

    a music school with a large event area and rehearsal room. 2013 Energy Globe Lower Austria in the category EARTH for renovation and expansion, 2013 Coronati Recognition Award.

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • Oberrohrbach Kindergarten

    Oberrohrbach Kindergarten

    2013 Energy Globe Lower Austria in the category EARTH for renovation and expansion. Constructed from prefabricated wooden components with solid wood ceiling.

    Photo: ah3: Christoph Österreicher

  • Energy consumption: 13.1 kWh/m², energy system: highly efficient thermal insulation, air-tightness of the building envelope, glazing, controlled ventilation with heat recovery.

    Photo: ah3: Christoph Österreicher

  • Weitersfeld Event Centre

    Weitersfeld Event Centre

    Event centre with two halls for 120 or 250 people. The rooms can be merged if necessary, for example for balls.

    Photo: Paul Ott

  • Tullnerbach Fire Department

    Tullnerbach Fire Department

    There are four vehicles here, an inspection pit, a hose washer with drying space, an exhaust suction pipe for the car parks, a boot washer, an oil separator, and an oil-binding agent site.


  • HTBL Hollabrunn

    HTBL Hollabrunn

    Winning project: the functional rehabilitation and extension of the Higher Technical Federal College.

    Photo: Dieter Schewig