Who we are

AH3 Architekten ZT GmbH’s studio headquarters are in the Waldviertel in Horn/Lower Austria, Hauptplatz No. 3. We are always up-to-date with the latest technological advances and sometimes ahead of our time. As architects, we are authorised by the state, work freelance and are, therefore, bound only to our clients and the legal requirements.

What is important to us

We see ourselves as service providers. The functional interaction of clients, planners, companies and authorities is the basic prerequisite of this.
As a team, we create high-quality architecture: modern, timeless and sustainable, tailored to the client, framework conditions and environment.
We design and build in an energy efficient and ecological manner. For each individual project, we use synergies from internal and external collaborations with all of the industries involved.
The joy of work is what drives us. We think and work “outside of the box”.
We consistently implement the needs of clients whilst considering the availability and ecology of building materials.

We are convinced that a person works better if the surrounding environment is right. That is why trust, communication on equal terms, knowledge and training are also important components of our corporate culture, like being allowed to arrange our working day in an unconventional way. We enjoy our work and are proud and grateful for what we achieve together with our clients.