Working with us

Application procedure

Step 1: Send a cover letter, CV and your certificates as an email attachment to

Tip: Check your information before you submit your application, maximum file size 7MB.

Step 2: You will receive an acknowledgement when your application has reached us.

Step 3: Give us a little time: you put work into your application – we invest time in order to study it properly.

Step 4: The best candidates for the job are invited for an interview when needed.

Step 5: We will inform you if your application was successful within two weeks of the interview.

We are convinced that a person works better if the surrounding environment is right – this is true at AH3. We create a motivating work environment because working time is valuable life time. We enjoy our profession.

Do you have the energy to work at AH3?


Application for the field of architecture

Have you already gained competitive experience while studying architecture and are you among the best in your class in design? Send us your application.

Application for the field of structural engineering

You have successfully completed your education (HTL, FH etc.). You have a high level social competence, assertiveness and communication skills. Accuracy and a sense of responsibility are important to you. You have accumulated professional experience, either through work placements or during your career. You always know about training opportunities and continuously build on your skills because your job is your passion. You enjoy working in a team, but can also work independently and fulfil requirements in a timely and reliable manner. You are open to new ideas because the limits of possibility are not carved in stone. You are willing to take things into your own hands and use opportunities that offer you the chance to learn new things and to gain experience.

You appreciate a creative work environment where you can also have fun. Personal development and expanding your specialist knowledge are more important to you than convenience and status symbols.

Are you determined, consistent, persistent and social enough to fit into our team?

Application for an internship

We have more interesting tasks than anywhere else because we integrate you straight into our daily working life. We give you the opportunity to gain practical experience in a great environment: we help trainees find accommodation if they reside outside of our region. All our internships are paid. Our work atmosphere is defined by our expertise and being friendly towards one another.

We want to challenge and encourage your motivation and skills with demanding work. Young creative minds are welcome – during the summer vacation or for a few months during the year.

Internships with the AH3 team are not easy to come by.
If you do it, you can learn a lot through close cooperation on a project and get to know our way of working and corporate culture.

You can only apply for an internship online.