• UnderWater Kingdom Schrems

    UnderWater Kingdom Schrems

    2006 Recognition Award Culture Award Lower Austria architecture division

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • Bildungscampus Leobendorf

    Bildungscampus Leobendorf

    2013 Energy Globe Lower Austria in the category EARTH for renovation and expansion, 2013 Coronati Recognition Award.

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • New middle school Langenzersdorf

    New middle school Langenzersdorf

    2013 Energy Globe NÖ in der Kategorie ERDE, 2011 Ethouse Award,2011 Preisverleihung Green Building Award der European Commission, Award klima:activ bm:vit, certification by the ÖGNB

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • Detached house

    Detached house

    2011 NÖ Wohnbaupreis Bedroom, bathroom, sauna, and closet space for parents and a children's area with large playroom and two retreat areas on the upper floor

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • Event Center Thaya

    Event Center Thaya

    2006 Niederösterreichischer Baupreis 2. Platz

    Photo: Dieter Schewig

  • Weitersfeld VAZ

    Weitersfeld VAZ

    2003 DOMICO Preis, 2002 Holzbaupreis

    Photo: Paul Ott