Land purchasing consultation

Does it get sunlight, have a view and usable green space? Are there any potential sources of noise, what is the visibility like and are there any potential natural hazards? We provide consultancy on the purchase of land and on optimising the use of a plot of land. A building that is optimally orientated, is the simplest and best prerequisite for quality of living in the long-term.

Initial, on-site consultation

This is an independent and personalised consultation that forms the basis of a carefully thought out concept. The building is tailored to the wishes and needs of its future residents. Legal framework conditions are brought into focus and your requirements, desires and questions discussed on-site.

Energy consultation

Thermal renovation is an investment for the future. A carefully planned renovation concept that leaves no questions unanswered is the best place to start.

Judging competitions

Highly qualified judges are used for public and private clients as the judges will assess the value of architecture and explain it in a way that the user understands. People interested in architecture can ask the jury for professional advice to open up new dimensions and facilitate answers to questions about the most suitable contribution.

Advising competition organisers

Preparation for and supporting competitions.